14 Things I Learned My First Time Cosplaying

I'm counting down the days to Tekko-- it's just about a week away! I'm already getting those pre-adventure jitters I always get before vacations. This past February, I attended my first convention and cosplayed for the first time. Here's a list of some lessons I learned while planning, creating, and wearing my cosplay costumes. Start … Continue reading 14 Things I Learned My First Time Cosplaying


Cosplay Tutorial: Spiking Wigs Upwards

As a rookie cosplayer, I rely heavily on tutorials to help me build my cosplays. It’s very easy to find tutorials on how to make wigs stand up and look spiky in general, and there are plenty more tutorials for specific characters. I, however, picked a character with a fairly complicated hairstyle, and virtually no … Continue reading Cosplay Tutorial: Spiking Wigs Upwards