Voltron Piano Reduction

I finally finished Voltron: Legendary Defender season four! I'm not posting any spoilers anywhere until Sunday, but do expect some chatter from me on Twitter and Tumblr in the upcoming days. As I said in my post months ago, I wrote a piano reduction of the opening theme song. I finally remembered to record myself playing it, so here … Continue reading Voltron Piano Reduction


Review: Mark Sullivan, Beneath a Scarlet Sky

I've started digging into my July book haul. Beneath a Scarlet Sky tells the story of Pino Lella, a teen living in Milan, Italy, near the end of World War II. Due to certain events and circumstances, Pino, who doesn't want anything to do with the war, finds himself part of an underground railroad saving Italian … Continue reading Review: Mark Sullivan, Beneath a Scarlet Sky

So, You Wanted to go to a Music Festival

Imagine you've been invited to the biggest music festival in the Mid Atlantic. Imagine your tickets are VIP, and you gained access to things like clean bathrooms (that aren't port-a-potties!) and free charging stations. Imagine one of your favorite bands you've loved for more than a decade will be there, and you've never seen them … Continue reading So, You Wanted to go to a Music Festival