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The Knights in Shining Spandex


The Johnson Brothers were just a bunch of kids from Brooklyn. There was Cooper, an unsuccessful inventor, Matthew, a cocky basketball player, and Elliot, an innocent high school freshman. After they stumble upon a mysterious murder connected to some weird glowing goo, they find that they aren’t quite themselves anymore. But when a new threat arrives in New York City, they soon realize that their new hobby is more than just a spandex suit and some fangirls on the side.


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The Distressing Damsels

product_thumbnailCooper and his brothers are back again for another action-packed adventure. This time, they’re on a mission to save their best friend. Along the way, old enemies surface and new ones rise, both fueled by revenge. If that isn’t enough, someone knows the boys’ secret identities, and now the brothers don’t know who to trust. It’s up to Cooper to keep his brothers together, even if it means he’s falling apart. People always say keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

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That cover art is pretty cool, right? That’s all thanks to Tim Marron, who specializes in digital art.