The Countdown to Con

It's a good thing I didn't create this blog solely for book reviews, because I have so many other interesting things to write about, too. My first ever convention is about 100 days away, and I'm starting to get that same anticipatory excitement that I experience before a vacation. I'm actually going on two trips … Continue reading The Countdown to Con


Voltron Piano Reduction

I finally finished Voltron: Legendary Defender season four! I'm not posting any spoilers anywhere until Sunday, but do expect some chatter from me on Twitter and Tumblr in the upcoming days. As I said in my post months ago, I wrote a piano reduction of the opening theme song. I finally remembered to record myself playing it, so here … Continue reading Voltron Piano Reduction

Another Anime Commentary: Yuri On Ice

I've managed to jump from watching teenagers in a post-apocalyptic world kill giant monsters that eat them, to male (and proud gay) figure skaters with the most beautiful soundtrack to ever exist. If you're a little confused, read my last post. Wow. I was not prepared for Yuri!!! on Ice. I was prepared for a … Continue reading Another Anime Commentary: Yuri On Ice

First Impressions of the Wonderful World of Anime

I have some exciting news-- I'm going to a con! No, I won't be donning a black ski mask and stealing diamonds. I mean a con where people of all ages and all fandoms come together at a convention center. I'm talking about a comic-con, and it will be my first one.  This one is centered … Continue reading First Impressions of the Wonderful World of Anime