Review: Still Water Bending

I've been on somewhat of a writing hiatus, which is probably just a fancier way of saying I came up with too many ideas to write about and am too lazy to finish one of them. I'm back to reviewing every book I read this year, and this one makes eighteen! This blog is turning more … Continue reading Review: Still Water Bending


Writing Advice That Will Make You Suck it up and Write

A few weekends ago, I went to a boat show and met a local author. She recommended that I join some local writing groups, because writing is a "lonely" hobby. It's true that writing is something you practice and improve upon on your own, but criticism is also an important part of writing. If you … Continue reading Writing Advice That Will Make You Suck it up and Write

Voltron Piano Reduction

I finally finished Voltron: Legendary Defender season four! I'm not posting any spoilers anywhere until Sunday, but do expect some chatter from me on Twitter and Tumblr in the upcoming days. As I said in my post months ago, I wrote a piano reduction of the opening theme song. I finally remembered to record myself playing it, so here … Continue reading Voltron Piano Reduction