Adventures On The Creek: The Secret Garden

I prefer to paddle alone. I have a set pace, which is usually faster than everyone else. I also don’t like to stop paddling unless I have to take a sip of water, or I’m about to cross a channel and have to wait for boats to pass. I will not, however, pass up an opportunity to paddle with others.

Last weekend, I ventured out with my mom and neighbors. We paddled about 3 or 4 miles (I didn’t have my tracker app on because it was too hot to run on my phone for so long). We went to a place my neighbor refers to as The Secret Garden. Really, it’s just the end of a small cove, across from a marina, lush with plants. Check out some of my shots of our trip to The Secret Garden.


We also refer to this place as Jurassic Park, because of all of the ferns. It’s only accessible during a high tide, and even then, many of the trees stick out of the water, like mangroves. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in trying to go as far and as fast as I can go, that I forget about these cool areas, hidden away at the ends of rivers.


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